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Guest Screening Policy

Published 09/14/2022 04:45 PM   |    Updated 10/05/2022 10:23 AM
Carnival is committed to a safe environment for our guests and crew and reserves the right to deny boarding to any persons convicted of certain felonies, which may include but are not limited to; aggravated physical and/or sexual assault, armed robbery and related offenses, and other violent crimes. Carnival also reserves the right to access public records containing information about any felonious convictions as part of its guest screening, and to cancel a booking and/or deny embarkation at any time to any individual who has been convicted these crimes. In the event of such cancellation or denial, the affected individual’s sole recourse shall be a refund of the amount paid to Carnival for that individual’s own booking, without entitlement to any further damages, loss, expenses, credit, or compensation whatsoever.
Read our full Guest Screening Policy here.

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