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CHEERS! Beverage Program

Published 03/11/2015 10:00 PM   |    Updated 02/01/2023 09:44 AM

CHEERS! is an all-inclusive beverage program that allows guests to enjoy a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages by paying a flat daily rate. Guests must be 21 or older to purchase CHEERS! and each adult assigned to the same stateroom must also purchase the program.

Our CHEERS! beverage program includes a great variety of non-alcoholic beverages, as well as a wide selection of high quality brand-name spirits and wines by the glass.   

  • Pre-Cruise Purchase: CHEERS! can be purchased online at or by contacting 'The Fun Shops' Department at 800 522-7648, Monday through Friday, 9:00am-10:00pm ET and Saturday and Sunday, 9:00am-6:00pm ET. Cut-off for pre-purchase online is at 11:59pm ET, the evening prior to the cruise departure.
    • Pre-Cruise Purchase Price: $59.95 USD per person, per day plus 18% service charge 
    • Although we are not able to process the Carnival Gift Card for Fun Shop orders by telephone. If you wish to purchase CHEERS! with a Carnival Gift Card, you may do so online at
  • Onboard Purchase: Once on board your ship, you can sign up for CHEERS! at a bar location.
    • Onboard Price: $64.95 USD per person, per day plus 18% service charge

Australia and Transpacific Cruises: For pricing and age restrictions, please contact our International Desk, Monday through Sunday, 7:00am-6:00pm AEST, at 1 300 385 625 (from Australia) and 0800 442 095 (from New Zealand).  If you are calling from the U.S. or Canada, please contact 'The Fun Shops' Department at 800 522-7648, Monday through Friday, 9:00am-10:00pm ET and Saturday and Sunday, 9:00am-6:00pm ET.


Please note: The following beverages are included in the price of your cruise and are served in the Main Dining Room and available 24/7 in the Lido Restaurant: non-bottled water, lemonade, unsweetened iced tea, hot chocolate and non-specialty coffee and tea.

The following beverages are available within the CHEERS! program:

  • All spirits, including cocktails, cognacs, whiskies and other spirits, as well as beer (including self-serve beer stations - PYOB) and wine and champagne by the glass, with a $20 USD or lower menu price per serving 
  • Sodas (including specialty sodas), zero-proof frozen cocktails (including smoothies) and juices   
  • Specialty coffees and hot tea served in the main dining rooms, specialty restaurants and coffee bars
  • Milkshakes, where available  
  • Energy drinks
  • 500-ml bottled water and other non-alcoholic bottled beverages served in bars and lounges
  • Packaged water in the main dining rooms and specialty restaurants
  • 25 percent discount off the menu price for any spirit, cocktail or wine by the glass, costing above $20 USD per serving
  • 25 percent discount off the menu price for wine and champagne by the bottle 
  • 25 percent discount off beverage seminars and classes

Beverages excluded from the program are:

  • Beverages promoted and sold in souvenir glasses
  • Bottles of liquor
  • Beverages offered at the gangway 
  • Beverages offered through room service, mini bars and/or other in-stateroom beverage programs
  • Beverages purchased off the ship at any port of call, including Princess Cays and Half Moon Cay.
  • Sharing cocktails, floaters, pitchers, tubes and buckets 
  • Beverages offered through enomatic wine machines
  • Freshly squeezed orange juice served in the Havana Bar
  • Main Dining Room fresh squeezed juice 
  • All other beverage-related programs including merchandise, cigars and cigarettes
  • Food items

To view a sample of beverages prices for individual drinks and CHEERS! Q&A's, click here. To view a list of PepsiCo products included in our CHEERS! Program, click here

The following restrictions apply:
  • Guests must be 21 years or older to purchase and agree not to give to minors. 
  • Each adult assigned to the same stateroom must purchase the program.
  • CHEERS! is non-transferable. 
  • Guests must purchase the program for the entire cruise - this program is not offered on a per day basis.
  • If the program is purchased prior to the cruise, it is refundable up to 9:00pm ET, the evening prior to the cruise departure. Otherwise, CHEERS! is non-refundable.
  • Price adjustments (up or down) implemented on the day of sailing will replace any previously advertised price.
  • Only one drink at a time may be ordered. There is a 5-minute wait time between orders and sharing is not permitted. NO double shots as that is considered ordering two drinks at once.   
  • Program allows for unlimited zero-proof beverages but only one beverage at a time may be ordered - sharing is not permitted.
  • Guests may purchase a round of drinks for themselves and friends. One drink will count towards the CHEERS! program and the remaining drinks will be charged to the guest's Sail and Sign account.
  • Program allows for up to 15 alcoholic drinks per 24 hour period (6:00am-6:00am). Once the limit is reached, the guest will not be served ANY additional alcoholic drinks.  
  • Program only applies to onboard purchases. 
  • All bottles and cans will be served opened.
  • Carnival reserves the right to refuse service for any reason.
  • Europe and transatlantic cruises (to/from the US and Europe): Program is inclusive of VAT, if and as applicable.
  • Applicable state and local taxes will be charged to the guest folio when this program is used within US waters. The tax is based on the state's tax structure and the cost of the individual drink purchased (not the daily program rate). For example: if the drink price is $5 USD and the tax is 10%, the guest's Sail & Sign card will be charged $0.50 USD for tax. This applies to all US ports (embarkation home ports and ports-of-call).  
  • Due to state laws, we cannot sell CHEERS! until the second day of the cruise (starting at 6:00am) for voyages departing from our Texas and New York home ports. Drinks purchased on the first day of the cruise will be charged to the guest's Sail & Sign card in the usual manner. When purchased on the second day of the cruise, guests are charged for the remaining days only (cruise duration less one day).
  • For guests who pre-purchase CHEERS!, it will be activated upon boarding the ship (except for ships sailing from Texas and New York - activation will occur at 6:00am on the second day of the cruise). Guest are instructed to proceed to the bar once on board to receive a sticker which will be placed on their Sail & Sign card. 
  • Group bookings (consisting of a minimum of 16 adults) can purchase CHEERS! prior to the cruise by contacting Group Event Planning (all adult guests in the group must purchase the program; all minors in the group must purchase Bottomless Bubbles program).
  • CHEERS! is not offered on 2 day cruises, select charter cruises. and beverage purchases made at Half Moon Cay and Princess Cays in the the Bahamas.



Cruise Duration

Pre - Purchase Price
USD Per Day

On Board Purchase Price
USD Per Day


Price Including 18% Service Charge

Price Including 18% Service Charge

3 day

$ 212.22

$ 229.92

4 day

$ 282.96

$ 306.56

5 day

$ 353.71

$ 383.21

6 day

$ 424.45

$ 459.85

7 day

$ 495.19

$ 536.49

8 day

$ 565.93

$ 613.13

9 day

$ 636.67

$ 689.77

10 day

$ 707.41

$ 766.41

11 day

$ 778.15

$ 843.05

12 day

$ 848.89

$ 919.69

13 day

$ 919.63

$ 996.33

14 day

$ 990.37

$ 1072.97

15 day

$ 1061.12

$ 1149.62

16 day

$ 1131.86


17 day

$ 1202.60

$ 1302.90

19 day

$ 1344.08

$ 1456.18

23 day

$ 1627.02


Attached, please find the price list for CHEERS! purchased prior to May 3, 2022. 




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