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Western Union Quick Collect Service

Published 03/11/2015 09:51 PM   |    Updated 04/19/2017 11:21 AM

Western Union Quick Collect Service is used to transfer money to guests on board a ship as well as to transfer money to Revenue Accounting from travel agencies and direct guests under payment restrictions or for last minute bookings.

When discussing this service, you must advise the caller that the money will only be transferred to the ship or posted on a booking during regular business hours. If it is the weekend or after 5:30pm ET during the week, the money will not be accessible to the guest on board or posted on a booking until the next day during regular business hours. The transaction is usually received by Carnival within 15-20 minutes.

Important Note: Advise the guest to contact the call center with the Western Union confirmation/transaction number so it can be posted on the booking and the option extended.

To Locate the Nearest Western Union Service
To locate a Western Union Office, the customer must call Western Union's Agent Locator Service at: 800-325-6000. The customer will need their area code and the first three digits of their telephone number. This will advise them of the nearest Western Union Service.

Cash Payments
The offices do NOT accept credit cards, personal checks, agency checks or cashier checks for payment. Carnival has a special arrangement with Western Union for the customer to pay a flat fee of $12.95 for cash only transactions.

Credit Card Payments
Western Union will accept payment with Visa, MasterCard or the Discover Card. To make a payment with a credit card, the customer must call: 800 634-3422 and provide all required credit card information. This 800 telephone number is strictly for credit card payment only. This service is NOT available for transactions originating in the following states: CO CT FL KS ME MA TX MN NY OK.

The maximum that can be sent is $2000.00 per transaction. The charges are as follows:

Payment Amount  Transaction Charge
$0 to $150.00  $16.00
$150.01 to $500.00  $25.00
$500.01 to $1000.00 $44.00
$1000.01 to $1500.00 $59.00 
$1500.01 to $2000.00  $74.00

On-Line Service Payment:
The Quick Collect On-Line service allows payment to be sent via the Western Union website, Acceptable forms of payment are with a Visa or MasterCard, credit card or debit card.

Pricing for the On-Line service varies by the state the customer's billing address; prices between states vary due to various factors, including applicable laws.

The maximum send amount is $2,000.00 per biller, per 7 days in 42 states; in the following 8 states, the send amount is $400.00 per biller, per 7 days: CT FL KS ME MA MN NY OK. Users from all states are limited to sending a maximum of 4 payments during a 30-day period.

Pricing in 41 States
Payment Amount  Transaction Charge
$0 to $150.00  $16.00
$150.01 to $500.00  $25.00
$500.01 to $1000.00 $44.00
$1000.01 to $1500.00 $59.00 
$1500.01 to $2000.00  $74.00
Prices in 9 States:  MN NY OK CT FL KS ME MA
Payment Amount  Transaction Charge
flat fee for  12.95 

Procedure to transfer money

  • The customer must identify themselves as a ‘Quick Collect Customer’
  • The CCL identification number: Code City ‘Carnival Florida’
  • The customer must specify whether the money is for guests on board or that the money is for payment on a booking. The following information must be provided: Guest’s Name, Booking Number, Ship and Sail Date and Cabin Number.

Solutions to Commonly Asked Questions
Problem: Customer does not know how to find the nearest Western Union.
Solution: Call 800 325-6000, the Western Union Agent Locator Service.

Problem: Customer wants to check status of payment.
Solution: Call 800 325-6000, press 199/their phone number.

Problem: Customer claims they made a payment to Carnival.
Solution: Transfer or refer them to the Revenue Accounting (70068).

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