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ADA Fully Accessible Cabin - Single Side Approach (FAC-SSA)

Published 06/28/2016 09:32 AM   |    Updated 11/03/2017 04:51 PM

Our ships have three classifications of specially-designed cabins for guests using wheelchairs or those who have mobility limitations and could benefit from the features of an accessible cabin.

You have selected a Fully Accessible Cabin – Single Side Approach (FAC-SSA).
Navigator Code: S


Designed for use by guests with highly limited or no mobility who:

  • Require regular use of a wheelchair, scooter or other similar assistive devices
  • Device must be 31" or less and stored in the guest's cabin
  • Provides an accessible route and clear floor space: 
    • In cabin configured to provide two beds, the clear floor space will be between the beds, with one side of each bed getting an accessible route
    • On only one side of the bed, in a cabin configured to provide only one bed
  • Accessible bathroom, which contains grab bars and a shower seat 

The other cabin classifications are:

  • Fully Accessible Cabin (FAC)
  • Ambulatory Accessible Cabin (AAC)

For your information, standard cabins have an entry doorway measuring approximately 22 inches, an 8 inch lip into the cabin bathroom, a 4 inch lip into the shower stall and a 7 inch lip to the balcony (where applicable).

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