Stay Connected via Text!

Published 06/16/2016 04:25 PM   |    Updated 06/26/2020 01:17 PM
Carnival Cruise Line, through agreement with Wireless Maritime Services (WMS) offers an advanced roaming network onboard cruise ships allowing you to use your phone just like you do at home. International roaming charges will be conveniently billed to you by your home mobile carrier. Please contact your home mobile carrier for specific rate information.

WMS provides connectivity for customers of nearly 400 mobile cell phone companies around the world. It should be noted that your carrier must allow you to roam internationally in order for your phone to work onboard a WMS vessel. Please contact your home mobile carrier for details.

Due to regulations, the WMSatSea network only works when the ship is at sea at least 12 nautical miles from shore (2 nautical miles in the European Union). When the ship is sailing on international waters, you will be able to text (SMS). Once in port, you can connect to local roaming networks as permitted by your home carrier.

Availability, timeliness and reliability of service are subject to radio transmission limitation caused by system capacity, system repairs and modifications, your equipment, signal strength, weather and other conditions. You will only be able to text message to certain countries. Other restrictions and limitations apply for service.

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Onboard Chat
For a small additional fee of $5 USD per user, for the voyage, you can chat with family and friends on board all cruise long from the comfort of your deck chair using the Carnival HUB App. This feature is currently limited to ages 13+. The App is free to download and use on board - to download the App, click here.
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