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Carnival Vista (VS) Havana Experience and Staterooms

Published 03/11/2015 09:54 PM   |    Updated 10/28/2019 03:05 PM

Carnival is expanding the popular Latin-infused Havana experience inside and out on the Carnival Vista.

Havana Staterooms and Suites
The Carnival Vista will offer a wide variety of well-appointed, beautifully designed staterooms and suites. Tropics-inspired Havana Cabanas feature accommodations with private outdoor patio cabanas that face the expanded lanai ocean-air outdoor promenade and offer magnificent sea views.

  • The aft lanai ocean-air outdoor promenade alongside the Havana Cabana staterooms and suites will be for the exclusive use of guests in Havana accommodations.
  • Children must be 12 years of age or older in order to cruise in a Havana stateroom. The Havana staterooms and experience is designed to be a place where guests can relax and recharge in a more intimate and private setting and the age requirement will enable us to sustain the desired atmosphere.

Interior Staterooms (category HA)

  • 5205, 5208, 5211, 5214, 5217, 5218, 5221, 5222, 5225, 5226, 5229, 5320
  • 7448, 7457

Ocean View Staterooms with Patio Cabana (category HE)

  • 5201, 5202, 5203, 5204, 5206, 5207, 5209, 5210, 5212, 5215, 5216, 5219, 5220, 5223, 5224, 5227, 5228, 5231, 5232, 5237, 5238, 5239, 5240

Ocean View Staterooms with Aft-View Extended Balcony (category HI)

  • 6463, 6465, 6467, 6468, 6470, 6472
  • 7452, 7454, 7456, 7458, 7461, 7463, 7465, 7467

Ocean View Staterooms with Premium Balcony (category HL)

  • 6459, 6464

Ocean View Staterooms with Premium Vista Balcony (category HM)

  • 6461, 6466
  • 7450, 7459

Havana Cabana Suites with Patio Cabana (category HS)

  • 5233, 5234, 5235, 5236

Havana Pool Area Features
Located aft on Deck 5, the aft lanai ocean-air outdoor promenade and Havana Pool offer stunning views of the ocean.

  • The Havana Pool area will be for the exclusive use of guests occupying the Havana accommodations and guests in Grand Suites.
  • The pool area features two large hot tub spas, a pool and relaxation area complete with colorful umbrellas, faux palm trees, thatched patio huts and comfy seating, perfect for soaking up the sun while enjoying a refreshing mojito.

Havana Bar Features
Celebrating Cuba’s gloried past, the Havana Bar serves traditional cocktails and transforms into a sizzling Latin dance club at night.

  • The Havana Bar is open to all guests, daytime and nighttime. 
  • Serving classic Cuban cocktails, Cuban coffee and Cuban sodas ($).
  • Entertainment: Latin trio or DJ several evenings per cruise as well as Latin-inspired ‘Havana Nights’ evening.




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