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Fantasy-Class - Non-Converting Twin Beds

Published 03/11/2015 09:53 PM   |    Updated 10/17/2022 02:29 PM

Information for the following ships: Carnival Elation (EL) and Carnival Paradise (PA)

All beds convert to the king configuration or twin beds configuration with the exception of the following.

Staterooms with one twin bed and one upper berth:

  • Category 1A:  R50, R52, R54, R56, R58, R60, R62, R64, R66, U167, U169, U171, U173, U175, E181, E183, E185, E187, E189

Due to a structural pole in the stateroom, the twin beds do not convert to the king configuration: 
  • Category 4A:  R19,
  • Category 4B:  R141, R154, M16
  • Category 4C:  M148, M149
  • Category 4D:  E228
  • Category 4E:  E124, E127
  • Category 6B:  M258, M265
  • Category 8M:  U226, U239

Twin beds do not convert to the king configuration when both upper berths are in use: 

  • Category 8A:  M226, M233, M234, M238, M241, M245, M246, M253
  • Category 8B:  U190, U198, U201, U206, U209, U219
  • Category 8C:  E202, E210, E217, E218, E225, E233
  • Category 8D:  E86, E87, E94, E95

Twin beds do not convert to the king configuration:

  • Category 4D:  E298


King bed does not convert to two twin beds: 
Ship:  Carnival Elation

  • Category 4B:  R298
  • Category 4C:  M298
  • Category 4I:   V29
  • Category 8D:  P224
  • Category GS:  U69, U70, U114, U115


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