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Financing Powered by Uplift FAQs

Published 11/01/2019 04:54 PM   |    Updated 09/13/2021 03:34 PM
Who is Uplift? 
  • Uplift’s mission is to make travel more accessible, affordable and rewarding. They provide a proven, flexible, pay-over-time travel financing solution! 
  • Loans through Uplift are originated by CBW Bank, Member FDIC. 
After paying off some of my balance, can I add more charges? 
  • Financing through Uplift is not a line of credit. After a guest’s application is approved and the guest accepts a loan through Uplift, additional charges (related to price increases or pre-cruise add-ons) cannot be added. 
  • However, any eligible guest is welcome to have multiple active payment plans through Uplift at any given time, each up to a total amount of $15,000USD.
Can I use it for onboard spend?
  • At this time, financing through Uplift is available to Carnival guests for purchases made prior to cruise departure. This includes add-ons such as Carnival Vacation Protection (CVP), Fly2Fun, prepaid gratuities, etc.*.  Financing powered by Uplift is only available for pre-cruise purchases.
Is there a minimum requirement to opt for the finance option? 
  • Yes. Carnival guests may use Uplift for Carnival vacations ranging in total cost between $100 - $15,000USD.
I’m traveling with someone who is paying his/her own way. Can he/she apply for this finance option now as well? 
  • Yes. In the event that two or more guests are traveling under a single booking, Financing powered by Uplift may be applied as a form of payment for a portion of the booking. 
For example, if four individuals are traveling together under one booking, two of the guests may use Uplift to pay their portion of the cruise fare/taxes/fees -- while the other two guests may opt to use an alternate form of payment, such as direct payment to Carnival using a credit or debit card. 
How much can I be approved for?
  • Carnival guests can be approved for monthly payment plans through Uplift for Carnival vacations ranging in total cost between $100 - $15,000USD (including add-ons such as Carnival Vacation Protection (CVP), Fly2Fun, prepaid gratuities, etc.*). Eligibility is based on your credit score and other factors.
Can I apply for more than the original approval amount? 
  • No. The current Uplift application process requires that one, specific total amount (between $100 - $15,000USD) be defined when a guest’s application is submitted. 
  • Guests wishing to change the total value of their application may restart their application for a payment plan through Uplift using a lower or higher total amount any time prior to accepting/confirming a loan (the very last step in the application). 
What if I have to cancel? How do I get my money back or payments already made?
  • When full or partial refund is processed by Carnival using normal cancellation procedures, Uplift will receive the refund and will apply it to the guest’s remaining loan balance. If the amount due to the guest exceeds any remaining balance due to Uplift, Uplift will issue a refund to the guest’s form of payment on file. This process typically takes 2-4 business days after Uplift receives funds from Carnival. 
  • Please see Carnival’s Terms of Use for the most up to date Refund Policy.
  • Carnival guests who receive a refund that involves Carnival Vacation Protection (CVP) should contact Uplift’s 24/7 Customer Support Team:
    • 75% ‘Any Reason’ CVP Refunds: Refunds are typically issued in the form of FCC (‘Future Cruise Credit’). Guests should contact Uplift to inquire about possible payment re-arrangements that may be available. Please note that Uplift does not accept Future Cruise Credit (‘FCC’) -- or any form of cruise line credit (Onboard Credit - ‘OBC’ or ‘NROBC’) as a form of payment on existing loan balances. 
    • 100% Qualifying Reason: Guests typically receive refunds in the form of an electronic or mailed check following a qualifying 100% refund claim. Guests should contact Uplift to inquire about possible payment re-arrangements that may be available (ex. temporary payment delay while awaiting an approved refund to be issued or arrive). 
Do I have to finance the entire amount? 
  • No. Carnival Agents can assist guests who wish to finance part of a Carnival Vacation. The amount financed, including taxes/fees and any add-ons or extras, must be between $100 - 15,000USD.
Will you be penalized if the total is paid off prior to the final payment?
  • No. There are no prepayment penalties associated with any Financing Powered by Uplift Plan. 
After booking and deposit is made, can you then finance the remaining balance?
  • Yes. Eligible guests may apply Uplift as a form of payment to any ‘final payment’ or ‘balance due’ following a deposit on their Carnival vacation -- provided that the balance, including taxes/fees, add-ons or extras, is between $100 - 15,000USD.
Will this program finance all add-ons (such as CVP, gratuities, Fly2Fun, etc.) to the reservation as well? 
  • Yes. Uplift Pay Monthly may be used for add-ons and extras prior to sailing -- such as Carnival Vacation Protection (CVP), Fly2Fun, prepaid gratuities and more. Guests may add extras on to their cruise fare in one application (up to $15,000) or apply for a another payment plan through Uplift to finance any extras and add-ons after booking the cruise-only portion of their vacation. Extras/Add-ons are those items that can be added to the overall booking related costs (i.e. Carnival Vacation Protection (CVP), Fly2Fun, prepaid gratuities, etc.*). 
Is there a limit for the total amount of financing I can obtain through Uplift? 
  • Every application has a maximum value limit of $15,000USD. However, any guest (individual) may have multiple active loans active through Uplift at any given time.  
Do you need to provide full Social Security Number in order to be approved?
  • Uplift’s application for approval involves a soft credit check, which requires a few basic guest details: Full name, date of birth, residential address, mobile phone number, email address, annual household income and the last four digits of their Social Security numbers (entered securely and privately by the guest).
  • Full Social Security number is only required after a guest has been pre-approved through Uplift and wishes to accept the loan at which time a hard credit check is run. 
  • When entering the last four digits and complete Social Security Number, guests do so privately and securely. 
What is the interest-free financing option?
  • Eligible guests can book their cruise with $0 down, followed by as many as 18 interest-free payments*.
  • Guests who qualify will be presented with a 0% APR financing option during the application process.
  • Eligibility is based on your credit score and other factors and may vary.
*Based on a purchase price of $1,000.00 you could pay $0 today, followed by 18 monthly payments of $55.56 at 0% APR. Actual terms are based on your credit score and other factors and may vary. Not everyone is eligible, and some states are not served, including IA and WV. Loans issued by CBW Bank, Member of FDIC. Privacy Policy. Terms of Use
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