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Facial Recognition Technology

Published 05/24/2019 02:16 PM   |    Updated 05/31/2019 10:57 AM
Does Carnival Cruise Line use Facial Recognition Technology? 
Yes.  Carnival uses Facial Recognition Technology to make the embarkation and debarkation process faster and more efficient, as well as to link photos taken of you throughout the voyage to your account.  
At check-in, a picture will be taken of each guest and stored for the duration of the cruise.  Then each time you board or leave the vessel, another photo will be taken for identification purposes, and your location status (on-board or off-board) will automatically be updated. The biometric data collected during the voyage will be purged following the cruise.
Photos are taken throughout the voyage, and facial recognition is used to provide you access to photos in which you are identified through Carnival’s mobile app or on-line following the cruise.   
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