Carnival EasyPay FAQs

Published 05/17/2017 04:45 PM   |    Updated 08/10/2017 10:34 AM

Once you find the perfect cruise and place a deposit, choose Carnival EasyPay and your payments will happen automatically.

. Why should I use Carnival EasyPay?
A.  Carnival EasyPay makes planning for your vacation easier by allowing you to pay your deposit today and then spread your balance into three automatic monthly payments.

Q.  Which cruises are eligible for Carnival EasyPay?
A.  In order for a sailing to be eligible for Carnival EasyPay, these two conditions must be met:

1. You must book your cruise more than 90 days before the final payment date, and
2. The sailing you choose must be eligible for deposit payment

Q.  How do I cancel Carnival EasyPay?
A.  Access the 'Manage Your Cruise' section of, select 'Opt-Out of Payments' and then follow the prompts. Note that cancelling your Carnival EasyPay plan will not cancel your cruise booking. You are still responsible for paying the balance of your cruise fare before the final payment date. If you wish to cancel your cruise, you may do so in the 'Cruise Details' section of 'Manage Booking'.

Q.  When will my credit card be charged?
A.  Your credit card will first be charged with the deposit. Then, once a month for three consecutive months starting 30 days after you pay your deposit, your automatic payments will be charged to your credit card.

Q.  Can I use multiple cards with Carnival EasyPay?
A.  No. The same credit card that you use to pay your deposit will be used for your Carnival EasyPay payments.

Q.  Are there any interest fees for using Carnival EasyPay?  
A.  There are no interest fees, or any additional fees, for using Carnival EasyPay. However, any interest, finance charges or fees assessed by the issuer of the payment method to which payments are charged may still apply.

Q.  What happens if I cancel my cruise?
A.  The usual Carnival policies apply to cancelled cruise bookings. Please visit our Cruise Cancellation and Itinerary Change Policy page for details.

Q.  Can I choose to pay in a different number of installments?
A.  Currently, the only option available for Carnival EasyPay is three installments.

Q.  Can I choose to pay different amounts in each installment?
A.  Your balance will be automatically split for you into equal monthly payments. You cannot change the amount.

Q.  Can different people in my party make each payment?
A.  No. The credit card you used to pay your deposit will be used for all Carnival EasyPay payments.

Q.  Do I have to use Carnival EasyPay?
A.  Using Carnival EasyPay is optional. You can pay in full for your cruise up-front, or pay the deposit and manually make payments over time (subject to any restrictions on the sailing you choose).

Q.  Will I get reminders before automatic payments are made?
A.  No reminders will be sent prior to processing each payment. You will receive an email confirmation after each payment.

Q.  Are there late fees?
A.  There are no late fees associated with Carnival EasyPay. Using Carnival EasyPay ensures that your balance is paid on time.  

Q.  Do I qualify for Carnival EasyPay?
A.  There are no credit checks or specific requirements to qualify. However, please note that Carnival EasyPay is offered on a sailing-by-sailing basis, and is not available for all sailings.

Q.  If I upgrade or change my room selection after booking, will my payments change?
A.  Yes, your remaining payments will be automatically adjusted when the balance on your account changes.

Q.  Can I change the credit card used for Carnival EasyPay?
A.  You can change or update the credit card on file at any time on Simply go to 'Manage Booking' and then click 'Manage My Payments' followed by 'Update Card'. Note that when you change the card on file you will instantly be charged $1 in order to confirm the card, but this $1 payment will be put toward your balance.

Q.  Can I make additional payments between my automatic payments?

A.  Yes, additional payments can be made and the system will recalculate the remaining balance and divide by the number of installments to be made. You can opt to pay the entire outstanding balance at any time.

Q.  Can I set-up Carnival EasyPay on my booking if I did not choose this option when I made my booking?
A. Yes, you can set-up Carnival EasyPay after booking your cruise. Please call Carnival at 1-800-438-6744 and our Guest Services team will be more than happy to assist. Please note, if you are booked through a travel agency, you will need to contact your travel professional for assistance.  

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