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Carnival EasyPay FAQs

Published 05/17/2017 04:45 PM   |    Updated 09/09/2021 03:11 PM

Once you find the perfect cruise and place a deposit, choose Carnival EasyPay and your monthly payments will happen automatically.

Q: Are all cruises eligible for Carnival EasyPay?
A: Many Carnival cruises are eligible for EasyPay, but not all. EasyPay is only available for sailings booked at least 165 days to 180 days prior to sailing — that’s 6 months — based on cruise duration and destination.

Cruise Duration

Book prior to the below for EasyPay eligibility





2 - 5 days

165 days prior to sailings



6+ days

180 days prior to sailings



Q: What is the advantage to Carnival EasyPay?
A: Flexibility to spread the payment over time. Set it and forget it mentality. No need to worry about payment.

Q: What if the guest wants to cancel Carnival EasyPay?
A: Guest can select to Opt-out of EasyPay. Note that cancelling EasyPay will NOT cancel the cruise. They are still responsible for the balance of the cruise by the final payment date.

Q: How often will the credit card be charged?
A: The credit card will be charged once a month beginning 30 days after you pay your deposit, until Final Payment.

Q: Can multiple cards be used with Carnival EasyPay?
A: No, one credit card will need to be used for the deposit and that card will be used for all of the Carnival EasyPay payments.

Q: Are there any interest fees?
A: There are no interest or additional fees. This is not a financing option.

Q: What happens if guest cancels the cruise?
A: Standard policy applies if guest cancels the cruise.

Q: Can I choose different amounts for each payment?
A: No, you cannot choose different amounts for each payment.

Q: Can different people in the party pay each month?
A: Carnival EasyPay will automatically charge the same credit card used for the deposit for each of your payments.

Q: Do I have to use Carnival EasyPay?
A: No, Carnival EasyPay is optional.

Q: Will the guest get payment reminders each month?
A: No. There will not be any payment reminders. However, a confirmation will be sent once each payment is made.

Q: Does everyone qualify for Carnival EasyPay?
A: Everyone qualifies for Carnival EasyPay. However, this payment option is not available for all sailings.

Q: If guest upgrades or changes their cabin after booking, will the payments change?
A: If changing the cabin (upgrading/downgrading) causes the rate to increase or decrease then the remaining payments will automatically adjust.

Q: What if guest needs to change the credit card on file?
A: You can change the credit card any time. However, the guest will need use the new card to make a minimum $1 payment towards their cruise upon EasyPay signup.

Q: Can guests make additional payments?
A: Guest may prepay the full remaining balance of their purchase at any time, but may not prepay a portion of the remaining balance. 

Q: What happens if the installment payment is declined?
A: In the event of a monthly payment failure, the system shall send a payment denial letter to the user’s email address. Carnival shall not remove the user from the payment plan. The failed payment amount shall be adjusted to the remaining monthly payments. If all payments are not paid in full by the final payment due date, then the system shall follow the current cancellation procedure.

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