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Are all Cruises and Ships Similar?

Published 08/08/2016 05:21 PM   |    Updated 11/07/2019 04:44 PM

Looking at cruise ships from the outside, it is easy to assume that every ship and every cruise is similar. However, there is a large and varied range of experiences awaiting you on each and every ship, and on every sailing.

The port you depart from, the ports you are sailing to, what time of year you are sailing and for how long — all of these factors play a role in the overall experience of your cruise, making each one totally unique.

Of course, there are some things that you can expect on every Carnival ship, first and foremost, FUN. This is your time to unwind and do the things you want to do, so every ship is equipped with onboard experiences to ensure every moment of your cruise is memorable. You can find out more about Carnival’s onboard activities, bars, casinos, events, entertainment, spas and fitness centers, and kids and teen programs in this overview of Onboard Experiences.

All Carnival cruises are big on flavor and many of our ships share the same mouth-watering restaurants. Get a taste for what your breakfast, lunch and dinner onboard a Carnival cruise will be like with this Dining overview.

We’re sure you’re curious about where you’ll sleep, too, so you can browse the different kinds of staterooms available on Carnival’s fleet here.

If you’re deciding between ships, and want to know more about what differences and similarities they share, you can use our handy Compare Ships feature to see how your selections stack up against each other. For full details of all of our ships, click here.

Of course, the destinations are where most of the differences will come into play on your cruise. You may think of the Caribbean as one big tropical paradise (and it is!), but each island has its own distinct personality and where you sail will make your cruise unique as well. Check out the destinations Carnival sails to here

Once you have weighed up the differences between ships and ports, it’s time to choose your cruise! Our Cruise Search feature is ready whenever you are.

Bon voyage!

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