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Carnival Journeys Cruises

Published 08/02/2016 11:00 AM   |    Updated 10/29/2021 10:37 AM

Carnival Journeys is a limited series of special cruises that's made to amaze... starting with great destinations and an exciting entertainment lineup. For a list of sailings, click here.

Each Carnival Journeys voyage will include some special shipboard activities to provide a truly unique vacation experience. These activities fall under three categories:  

Academy of Fun | Shipboard Team Member Connections | Throwback Sea Day

Academy of Fun
Who knew it would be fun to learn while on vacation?  You will be invited to attend a series of enrichment courses designed to help expand your horizons such as photography, stargazing and social media – these are just a few types of classes you might find on board.

Shipboard Team Member Connections
Here, Carnival Journeys participants can learn more about shipboard life held at different times throughout the voyage. 

Q&A Sessions
Love getting the 'inside scoop' about the shipboard cruise life from your favorite crew? This is your chance to ask our team members anything about anything and everything! Throughout the voyage there will be Q&A sessions to cover various topics from the following departments - Maritime, Hotel Operations and Entertainment.

50s Dance Class
Are you a dancing machine? Then swing down and get ready to bop, jive and boogie with our talented Playlist cast in a fun class for all levels! This activity is a crew connection with our onboard Playlist cast members. Once the dance is taught, the Playlist cast manager will select six couples who will receive private dance classes with our performers to learn a routine that you will perform in the ‘Back to the 50s’ show later on in the cruise. 

Back to the ‘50s Crew Show
Swing into our one-of-a-kind show inspired by the Fabulous ‘50s and starring none other than your fellow guests and our crew as they rock, roll and sock-hop the night away!  The Crew Connections show is an interactive performance showcasing our singers and dancers and those guests that have been rehearsing all cruise long for the ‘big’ show. The show will also showcase some of the team members working on your ship.

At the Hop Deck Party
A continuation of the ‘Back to the 50s' show, it is themed around a 1950s Sock Hop. This party will include guest competitions and line dances.

Throwback Sea Day
We are throwing ourselves back to 1987. Throwback Sea Day will turn the ship around to the wonderful decade of the 80s. All of our activities for the day will be recreated to resemble the way they were played in 1987 including a version of the old style ‘Carnival Capers’, the 1987 version of the 'Fun Times' newsletter and now the HUB App.

Dive In Movies
Nothing better for an 80s-inspired Throwback Sea Day than some classic Action and Adventure flicks from circa 30 years ago. We have totally channeled that ‘Back to the Future’ vibe in addition to ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’. 

Trivia 80s Challenge
Are you an everything-eighties expert? Put your knowledge to the test and join the Fun Squad as they take you through exciting trivia challenges! From sitcoms to dramas and everything in between, try our 80s-themed TV trivia and see if your rerun marathon days have paid off! Test your cinematic savvy from the days of big hair, big shoulder pads and big movies in our exciting 80s throwback movie trivia challenge! Or try our general knowledge trivia consisting of questions that would have been asked in 1987.

Morning Stretch and Walk-a-Mile
Working out has never been this fun! Join your Cruise Director and the Fun Squad for an exciting morning fitness class and start your day energized and invigorated!  Recreating a morning from 1987 with a traditional Morning Stretch and Walk-a-mile with the Cruise Director.

Morning Show
Wake up on the fun side with your Cruise Director and special guests! What a great way to be in the know about all the exciting activities and events of Throwback Sea Day!  The Cruise Director will take calls from guests who will reflect on their favorite part of the 80s.

80s Dance Class
From the Safety Dance to the Electric Slide, join our cast as they teach you the hottest dance moves from the 80s in this easy and fun class for all ages.

Swap the new with the old traditional bingo cage and balls.

Horse Racing
A traditional activity enjoyed by our guests in the 80s  – six wooden horses lined up at the starting line of the track...with a roll of the dice, the horses move forward. First one to reach the finish line is the winner!

Ping Pong Bathing Suit Challenge
Dive in and collects the most ping pong balls in your bathing suit in an allotted amount of time, is the winner!

AquaFrog Racing
One of the most exciting activities of the day. Purchase a frog for $5 USD, decorate him or her if  you choose and race them across the pool.  

Grandparents Get-Together
Calling all proud grandparents! Join our get-together to share photos and stories of what is surely one of your favorite topics–your gorgeous grandchildren!

Captain’s Cocktail Party
Join the ship’s senior officers for an unforgettable fun evening - just like the Captain's Cocktail Party from the 80s, guests will be greeted at the entrance of the main lounge by the Captain, followed by music, dancing and the introduction of the Captain and his senior officers by your Cruise Director.

Food Carving Demonstration
Watch our ever so talented Culinary Team create sculptures out of food – a throwback to the popular Gala Midnight Buffet from the 80’s...and don't forget your camera!

Variety Show
Get ready for some awesome entertainment! Hosted by your Cruise Director, join us for an amazing evening of fun and excitement that will surely be the talk of the ship tomorrow!

80’s Night at the Disco
This 80s party won't be the same without you, so time to channel your inner Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey and hit the dance floor to show off those totally righteous moves!

Photo Fun Booths
Strike a totally bodacious pose and relive the past to the max with fun 80s-themed backdrops in our outrageous Photo Fun Booths.

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