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Motion Sickness / Sea Sickness – What to Take

Published 07/29/2016 02:31 PM   |    Updated 11/07/2019 04:44 PM

How to Treat Motion Sickness

If you experience motion sickness during your cruise, there are a number of ways you can treat your symptoms. You can also prepare in advance of your cruise and pack sea sickness medication or other treatments such as a motion sickness patch or wristband in your luggage so you can access them once you are onboard.

Whether or not you brought your own medication or remedies with you, if you do feel sea sick while onboard, you can go to our ship’s Medical Center or contact Guest Services to purchase motion sickness pills (meclizine). You can even order these pills through Room Service.

Our ships do not carry motion sickness patches or wristbands, so if you prefer this method of treating your symptoms, don’t forget to pack them in advance. In extreme cases of sea sickness that will not abate, a motion sickness injection is available from the ship’s Medical Center (a fee applies). This is not offered as a preventative measure; only for cases where medical treatment is necessary.

For more details on Medical Services available on your cruise, click here.

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