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Tobacco and Marijuana Smoking Policy (U.S.)

Published 06/23/2016 11:17 AM   |    Updated 02/22/2022 02:37 PM

Carnival Cruise Line is dedicated to the safety of all guests and crew. We want all our guests to have a safe, fun and memorable vacation.

Smoking is a fire and safety hazard on a ship. Consequently, it is strictly limited to specific exterior deck areas and in the casino when seated and playing.  All guests are expected to adhere to the following safety guidelines:

  •  All staterooms and suite accommodations, including outside balconies, are NON-SMOKING. This policy applies to all forms of smoking, including but not limited to cigarettes, cigars, pipes, vaporizers, electronic cigarettes and marijuana.
  • Carnival recognizes that some state and local governments in the U.S., and in the destinations we visit, might allow marijuana use. However, Carnival Cruise Line follows U.S. federal law, which strictly prohibits possession and use of recreational/medicinal marijuana and other illegal controlled substances. 
  • Any violation of this policy will result in a $500 charge, per violation, posted on the guest’s Sail & Sign® account and may also result in the disembarkation of all guests in the stateroom. 
  • Guests who are disembarked for violating our policy will be responsible for all financial charges and expenses to return home, and no refund of their unused cruise fare will be provided. Additionally, they may be prohibited from sailing with Carnival Cruise Line in the future.

Our smoking policy is included in Carnival's Cruise Ticket Contract. Follow the link for ship specific smoking areas.

In keeping with U.S. federal law, the minimum age to purchase tobacco products is 21. This policy is for U.S.-based itineraries/ships only.


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if a guest is caught smoking in a stateroom or balcony?
They will be assessed a $500 charge, per violation, on their Sail & Sign® account. Information on this charge is included in Section 8 of Carnival’s Cruise Ticket Contract. The assessment of this charge does not allow a guest to continue smoking in his/her stateroom. If a guest is found to be in violation of our smoking policy, all guests in the stateroom may be disembarked from the vessel and risk not being allowed to sail on Carnival in the future.  Guests will be responsible for all financial charges and expenses to return home, and no refund of unused cruise fare will be provided. 

What should guests do if they smell tobacco in areas where smoking is not allowed, or marijuana in any area?
Guests who are concerned about other guests violating our smoking policy should contact our onboard Guest Services team, so we can address the situation. This will help avoid uncomfortable situations between guests.

What if a guest has a letter from a doctor saying that they are allowed to use marijuana for medicinal and/or therapeutic purposes?  Why is that prohibited?
Marijuana on our ships is not allowed. Guests will need to consult with their physician for other suitable alternatives.


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