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Cruise Critic Meet & Mingle

Published 03/28/2016 11:33 AM   |    Updated 08/05/2021 02:09 PM

With our partnership with Cruise Critic, Carnival Cruise Line will provide guests involved with Cruise Critic a fun Meet & Mingle event for all to enjoy. This event will take place on cruises 7 days and longer, when at least 25 Cruise Critic guests have signed up two weeks prior to the cruise.

The Cruise Critic Meet & Mingle event will be a private function – location and time will listed in Carnival's HUB App. 

  • Light refreshments and snacks will be served
  • The event will be attended by the ship’s Hotel Director, Entertainment Director and Cruise Director.  

How to sign up
Guests must sign up at least two weeks prior to the cruise using the registration form on the Cruise Critic website.

Cruise Critic has a dedicated webpage which contains information regarding the partnership as well as links to the following:

  • Registration Form for Meet & Mingle event
  • Cruise Critic’s Carnival Community Forum
  • Downloadable co-branded nametags
  • Any other Cruise Critic, Carnival-related content (professional reviews, member reviews, etc.)

To view Cruise Critic’s website, click here.

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