Port Canaveral Cruise Ship Terminal Directions and Parking

Published 03/12/2015 06:33 PM   |    Updated 02/09/2018 12:29 PM

Port Canaveral
A-Side North Cruise Terminals
Charles Rowland Drive
Cape Canaveral, FL 32920

Google Maps: Port Canaveral

Cruise Terminal assignment is
posted at the entrance to the port:

  • Cruise Terminal #5 – 9245 Charles Rowland Drive
  • Cruise Terminal #6 – 9241 Charles Rowland Drive


Parking Information
Parking is $17 USD per day, including day of arrival and day of departure.
Rates are subject to change by the Port Authority.

Cruise Duration                 Regular and Oversized Vehicles
3 day cruise (3 nights/4 days)                  $ 68 USD              
4 day cruise (4 nights/5 days)                  $ 85 USD              
5 day cruise (5 nights/6 days)                  $102 USD            
6 day cruise (6 nights/7 days)                  $119 USD            
7 day cruise (7 nights/8 days)                  $136 USD            
8 day cruise (8 nights/9 days)                  $153 USD            
9 day cruise (9 nights/10 days)                $170 USD            
13 day cruise (13 nights/14 days)            $238 USD            
14 day cruise (14 nights/15 days)            $255 USD            

  • Gated, secure outdoor parking lots and parking garages, patrolled 24 hours a day
  • Full payment due upon exiting the parking facility
  • Acceptable payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, the Discover Card and American Express credit cards
  • Handicap Parking available with proof of valid permit

Arrival Tips

  • For passenger safety, security and convenience please proceed directly to the cruise terminal to drop off passengers and baggage.
  • Porters will assist with your baggage and parking personnel will direct drivers to the appropriate parking facility.
  • Passenger and luggage drop off is available in front of the terminal or in the parking facility.

Departure Tips
Passengers have the option to retrieve their vehicles and pick up their companions and luggage in front of the terminal entrance or they can walk with their luggage to their vehicle and depart when ready.  

Travel Time: 45 minutes from the Orlando International Airport and 40 minutes from the Melbourne Airport.

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