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VisaCentral Passport & Visa Service

Published 03/11/2015 10:50 PM   |    Updated 11/13/2017 04:17 PM

VisaCentral is a company that offers step-by-step instructions for passport applications, assistance obtaining a visa, call center support and discounted rates. For those customers who need to obtain a passport quickly (8-10 weeks prior to departure), VisaCentral also provides expedited service, as fast as 24-hour turnaround. 

VisaCentral can provide visa support for foreign passport holders who reside legally in the United States or Canada. Many foreign passport holders will be required to obtain certain visas before boarding their cruise. If you reside legally in the United States or Canada, VisaCentral can advise you if a visa is needed and assist you with the application process.

For guests who do not have enough time to process their passport through normal government channels or if they require assistance with obtaining a visa, guests may contact VisaCentral as follows:

Guests Calling from the United States

  • Contact VisaCentral at 1-877-559-4875
  • Or contact VisaCentral via
  • Guests must mention ‘Carnival Account 75020’ for discounted rates on VisaCentral service fees.

Guests Calling from Canada

  • Contact VisaCentral at 1-888-665-9956
  • Or contact VisaCentral via
  • Guests must mention ‘Carnival Account 10141’ for discounted rates on VisaCentral service fees.

Routine Service
VisaCentral’s Routine Service supports customers who have sufficient time to apply for their passports directly through the U.S. Government without any expedited processing.

VisaCentral has a 6-day a week call center that is staffed with passport and visa specialists who can answer questions and help Carnival customers complete their applications. A family is defined as two adults living in the same household and those children under age 18 living with those adults and traveling on the same departure day.

Expediting Service
Travelers who are departing in fewer than 8 weeks may not wish to risk applying for a passport through standard government processes. Accordingly, VisaCentral can assist customers with three timely service options that guarantee passport delivery in time for their trip. Twenty-four hour service is also available. VisaCentral will offer Carnival customers discounted rates on its expediting service fees.


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