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Celebrating Holidays

Published 03/11/2015 10:44 PM   |    Updated 01/14/2022 01:54 PM

What better way to celebrate the holidays and sporting events but on a Carnival Cruise with family and friends. You will enjoy specially-planned events, timely decorations and special seasonal dishes.

Events and activities may vary by ship and are subject to change.

Super Bowl Sunday
February 13, 2022 | February 12, 2023
It’s America’s biggest sporting event and the reason for America’s biggest party! Join the fan zones, grab a bucket of beer and get ready for a tailgate bash, Fun Ship-style!

  • Sailgate Party featuring the VIP Seating Challenge - we moved the tailgate party from the parking lot to the high seas!
  • NFL Trivia and Bingo
  • Select bars, Carnival Seaside Theater or the Main Lounge are the primary viewing locations
  • Support your team and wear your favorite football attire! 
  • Please note that commercials aired during the Superbowl will be those targeted to the areas the ship is sailing and may differ from those aired at home. 

Valentine’s Day

When: February 14

Love is defiinitely in the air this time of year! Come join us for a fun-filled day of love and activities.  

  • Vow Renewal at Sea with Your Cruise Director
  • Valentine’s Day Bingo, Trivia, Cupid Contest and Scavenger Duck Hunt
  • Valentine’s Day Dive In Movies (on ships with Carnival Seaside Theater)
  • “All Paired Up” Casino Event
  • Themed Youth Activities
  • Steakhouse Valentine's Day Lunch on ships with a sea day on the 14th ($)

Mardi Gras
When: February 1, 2022 | February 21, 2023 | February 13, 2024
It’s time to celebrate Fat Tuesday and party New Orleans style!

  • Mask Making workshop
  • Mardi Gras Parade and Party 
  • To celebrate, don't forget your beads and wear your favorite purple, green and gold attire!

Dr. Seuss' Birthday
When:  March 2
Hooray, hooray! It’s Dr. Seuss’ big day! Join The Cat in the Hat and your Cruise Director for a fun, family Seussian birthday celebration. Hurray, the cake is on the way!

March Madness
When: March/April
March Madness Basketball is finally here! It's bracket time! Grab a bucket of beer and join us for the buzzer beaters, upsets and the Cinderella stories!

  • March Madness Trivia and Prediction Challenge (final 4 games and championship) 
  • Support your team and wear your favorite team's attire!
  • Games will be televised in select bar locations; the Final Four and Championship Game may also be shown at Carnival's Seaside Theater™.

St. Patrick's Day
When: March 17
It's time to celebrate the luck of the Irish! Come join us for a day filled with St. Patrick's Day festivities. 

  • St. Quackie's Day Duck Hunt, Trivia and Luck o' the Irish Bingo
  • St. Patrick's Day Party (18+ years of age)
  • Specialty drinks and special entree and dessert at dinner
  • Wear something green and be all things Irish for a day!

  April 17, 2022 | April 9, 2023 | March 31, 2024
Activities for guests of all ages and some specific for children and their families will take place on Easter Sunday. If a clergyman of any faith wishes to perform a religious service, it is on a ‘volunteer basis’ only. To learn more about our clergy policy, click here

  • Golden Egg Hunt
  • $750 Easter Egg-Stravaganza Bingo
  • Youth Programs will feature an Easter Hop N Stop and Family Easter Party
  • Non-denominational Easter Service (not on ships that are in their home port on Sunday)

When:  April 15-23, 2022 | April 5-13, 2023 | April 22-30, 2024
A limited Passover menu will be offered on board all ships during the Passover holiday which is observed for eight days. If a clergyman of any faith wishes to perform a religious service, it is on a ‘volunteer basis’ only. To learn more about our clergy policy, click here.

Earth Day
When:  April 22
Happy FUN Earth Day! Today the whole Carnival family is celebrating Earth Day. Please join us in “caring for our awesome planet” each and every day by saving energy, reduction water consumption and minimizing waste.

  • Earth Day Celebration
  • Earth Day Trivia
  • Earth Day Talk and Presentation
  • Youth Programs will feature activities associated with caring for our planet. 

Cinco de Mayo

When:  May 5
Spanish for 'fifth of May' - This date is observed to commemorate the Mexican army's victory over French forces. Yes, it’s a fun and festive celebration!

  • Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Deck Party
  • Cinco de Mayo Scavenger Hunt
  • Mexican-themed movies will be shown on ships that feature the Carnival Seaside Theater
  • Themed Youth Activities
  • Dress in your most colorful, festive Mexican attire!

Mother’s Day
When:  May 8, 2022 | May 14, 2023 | May 12, 2024
Time to show Mom some love! Come join us as we celebrate Mom with fun for the entire family.

  • Mother's Day Appreciation Event featuring Mom/Daughter, Mom/Son Look-a-Like Contest, Mummy Wrapping, Dress Dad Like Mom and Message to Mom recordings
  • Mother's Day Cards - Make it With Michaels 
  • Mother-themed movies will be shown on ships that feature the Carnival Seaside Theater
  • Themed Youth Activities

NBA Basketball Finals
When:  June
A month of playoffs and it all comes down to this final game series to determine, who is best, the east or the west?  Let’s get together and “hoop it up” for these awesome teams!

  • NBA Basketball Trivia 
  • Prediction Challenge
  • NBA Finals Games

World Oceans Day
When: June 8
On World Oceans Day, people around our blue planet celebrate and honor the ocean which links us all. Be a part of this growing global celebration!

  • World Oceans Day Celebration
  • World Oceans Day Fish Hunt, Ocean Trivia and Puzzles
  • Themed Youth Activities

Father’s Day
When: June 19, 2022 | June 18, 2023 | June 16, 2024
Time to show Dad some love!  We have lots of fun for the entire family, Dad-worthy activities planned so come and join us. 

  • A Day with Dad Event featuring Dad/Daughter, Dad/Son Look-a-Like Contest, Dress Mom Like Dad 
  • Dedications to Dad 
  • Father's Day Cards - Make It With Michaels
  • Father's Day trivia
  • Themed Youth Activities

Independence Day/4th of July
When:  July 4
Come celebrate the red, white and blue with us today! We aren’t just talking about Carnival… we are talking about the good ol’ USA! We are having a party in honor of Independence Day! 

  • 4th of July Bash - Evening Lido Deck Party
  • Independence Day Fun outdoor activities include ice cream eating contests, been bag challenges and pool games
  • Line dancing class
  • Independence Day Bingo, Trivia and Slot Tournament
  • American-themed movies will be shown on ships that feature the Carnival Seaside Theater 
  • Youth Program will feature a Family Scavenger Hunt and 4th of July Family Party


NFL Football Season
When: September-January
You won’t want to miss the live sports action, so put your game face on, grab a drink and get ready to cheer!  We moved the tailgate from the parking lot to the open decks! 

  • NFL Trivia
  • Sailgate Party
  • NFL Games (select games on Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays)


National Teddy Bear Day
When:  September 9
As part of Carnival's partnership with Build-A-Bear Workshop® and our on board program, Build-A-Bear Workshop at Sea, we will celebrate this special day with our guests - the young and young at heart. 

  • Cruise Director Welcome featuring the heart ceremony
  • Build-A-Bear Workshop at Sea Party
  • Youth Program Build-A-Bear themed activities

International Talk Like a Pirate Day

When:  September 19
Scouring the seas for a good time? Weigh anchor! X marks the spot! Celebrate Pirates' Day with our Fun Squad ...yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum!

  • Pirate Day Duck Hunt, Pirate Bingo and Pirate Trivia
  • Pirate Deck Party with Games
  • Pirate-themed movie shown on ships that feature the Carnival Seaside Theater
  • Youth Programs will include Pirate Arts and Crafts
  • Pack your black, white and red attire and don't forget your eye patch! 

Rosh Hashanah 
When:  September 25-27, 2022 | September 15-17, 2023 | October 2-4, 2024
If a clergyman of any faith wishes to perform a religious service, it is on a ‘volunteer basis’ only. To learn more about our clergy policy, click here.

Yom Kippur 
When:  October 4-5, 2022 | September 24-25, 2023 | October 11-12, 2024
If a clergyman of any faith wishes to perform a religious service, it is on a ‘volunteer basis’ only. To learn more about our clergy policy, click here.


World Series
When: October 
Calling all baseball fans! Come cheer for your favorite teams as they go head-to-head in the Fall Classic of America’s Favorite Pastime. Play Ball!

  • World Series Trivia
  • World Series Prediction Challenge
  • World Series Finals Games 

When: October (select sailings)
Halloween is always an exciting time aboard Carnival and this year we’re taking it to the next level with ‘Frightfully Fun’ activities that guests of all ages can enjoy. 

Thanksgiving Day
When: November 24, 2022 | November 23, 2023 | November 28, 2024
Enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal on Thursday evening, featuring roasted turkey, yams, mashed potatoes, cranberry relish, giblet gravy and pumpkin pie.

  • Turkey Trot
  • Thanksgiving Trivia
  • Gratitude Box
  • Thanksgiving Day NFL Football
  • Turkey Hunt 
  • Thanksgiving Dinner

Hanukkah (Chanukah)
When: December 18-26, 2022 | December 7-15, 2023 | December 25-January 2, 2024
Hanukkah, otherwise known as the 'Festival of Lights' is the Jewish celebration of miracles, whereby oil that was only supposed to last for one day, burned for eight days. Join us for the lighting of the menorah and a special service in honor of the Jewish celebration of miracles.

  • Services will take place in the atrium lobby. In addition to the lighting of the Menorah, prayers and songs and Manischewitz wine will be served.  
  • If a clergyman of any faith wishes to perform a religious service, it is on a ‘volunteer basis’ only. To learn more about our clergy policy, click here


Christmas Holiday Season
When: December 25 (early December through Christmas)                                                      
With a festive on-board atmosphere, elaborate decorations and an array of traditional cuisine, entertainment and activities, Carnival’s ‘Fun Ship’ holiday cruises are the ideal option for reconnecting with friends, families and loved ones. A festive mood is created as soon as guests arrive on board, with the ship’s atrium and promenade areas lavishly decorated in the spirit of the season.       

New Year's Eve
When: December 31
It’s time to start over for it’s about to be a new year! Get ready to throw the biggest party of the year. With multiple options and different venues, the entire ship will be sailing right in to the new year!
  • Shipwide New Year's Eve parties at various venues 
  • New Year's Eve After Party in the Night Club (adults 18+)
  • Youth Program New Year's Eve events 
  • And more...

Religious Services and Clergy Policy

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