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Faster to the Fun (FTTF)

Published 03/11/2015 10:43 PM   |    Updated 01/11/2023 09:14 AM

Now guests can maximize their vacation fun with Carnival's Faster to the Fun® (FTTF) package. This program is available for purchase on, In-Room Gifts & Shopping, Faster to the Fun. Space is limited. Simply click on your cruise ship departure port for availability. Faster to the Fun is very popular and sells out quickly so we encourage you to check back in case of cancellations. 


Faster to the Fun is currently open through 2023. Faster to the Fun is not offered on Carnival Journeys departures, cruises in Europe nor on cruises from Honolulu, Norfolk and San Francisco.
Note: VIFP Club Diamond and Platinum members do not need to purchase this package as these and other benefits are included as part of your VIFP Club status. Guests traveling in suite accommodations also are entitled to these benefits with the exception of a dedicated phone extension and line at Guest Services.
Here is what the program includes:
Priority Check-in
Upon arrival to the terminal (during your arrival appointment), look for the Priority line to check-in. 
Stateroom Access
Once on board, you will be able to drop off your bags in your stateroom until your room is ready. 
Express Luggage
Your luggage will be expedited to your stateroom so you can unpack and get settled in for a great vacation!
Guest Services
You will have a dedicated phone number and line at Guest Services so you can quickly have your questions answered.
Dining Reservations
Priority Main Dining Room and Specialty Restaurant reservations (excluding Your Time Dining).
Priority Water Shuttle Boarding
We hope you take advantage of Carnival's Excursions. If you choose to explore the destination on your own, you will have the option to choose a priority water shuttle from the ship to shore.
We are always sad to see you go. But when your cruise is over, you may choose an early or late debarkation time upon arrival to your homeport.
The price is per stateroom, so only one guest needs to purchase Faster to the Fun and all occupants in the stateroom receive the benefits. Prices are subject to change and may vary by ship. Faster to the Fun is subject to availability.

Cruise Duration


2 Day and 3 Day

$59.95 USD per stateroom

4 Day and 5 Day

$89.95 USD per stateroom

6 Day, 7 Day and 8 Day
Excluding Carnival Celebration, Carnival Jubilee and Carnival Mardi Gras

$129.95 USD per stateroom

6 Day, 7 Day and 8 Day
For Carnival Celebration, Carnival Jubilee and Carnival Mardi Gras

$149.95 USD per stateroom

9 Day and Longer

$169.95 USD per stateroom

A Few Facts on Faster to the Fun...
  • The FTTF price is not per person. One ticket per stateroom covers all occupants of the stateroom, so only one guest needs to purchase and all occupants receive the benefits. 
  • For guests sailing on multiple cruises back to back, FTTF must be purchased for each cruise in order to benefit from the program.
  • FTTF can only be purchased prior to the cruise; ala carte services cannot be purchased on board. 
  • The number of people who may purchase the FTTF package will be capacity controlled based upon the number of VIFP Diamond and Platinum members booked on the sailing.
  • Guests who completed their Online Check-in prior to purchasing the FTTF package, will need to re-print their boarding pass and luggage tags so the FTTF stamp reflects on the documents.
  • All guests including FTTF guests are required to select an Arrival Appointment during online check-in. 
  • VIFP Diamond and Platinum members and guests traveling in suite accommodations are the only guests to have access to the Captain’s Lounge at embarkation.   
  • Once at the pier, when boarding begins, we will board VIFP Club Diamond guests first, followed by VIFP Club Platinum guests, followed by guests traveling in suites and then Faster to the Fun guests.
  • Dining Reservations: FTTF guests will be cleared after VIFP Platinum guests. This benefit does not include specific time reservations for 'Your Time Dining'.

To view Faster to the Fun FAQs, please click here.

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