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Preparing for Debarkation Day

Published 03/11/2015 10:43 PM   |    Updated 08/06/2018 03:55 PM

Guests may consider two options for debarkation day:

Option 1 - Express Debark: In order to be cleared off the ship shortly after arrival in the homeport, guests have the option of participating in our Express Debark Program if they elect to carry off their own luggage. The guest should first consider the size of the luggage and whether it can safely be maneuvered through stairs, hallways and escalators. Express Debark is a great option for anyone with an early flight back home. 

Option 2 - Checked Luggage Debark: Guests who wish to check-in their luggage by simply leaving their bags outside their stateroom late in the evening on the last night of the cruise. The Housekeeping Department will pick up the bags and store them in a holding area. Upon arrival at the port of debarkation, the luggage is unloaded and separated (by zone number) in the baggage claim area of the terminal. The guests must personally locate their luggage and either carry it out or seek the assistance of a porter. The customary tip is $1 USD per bag.

Prior to the day before debarkation, those guests with early flights home need to register with Guest Services in order to ensure they are assigned the proper Zone number. 

Preparing for Debarkation Day - The Night Before

  • Guests should review the Cruise Director’s Debarkation Talk on the stateroom television.
  • All Carnival luggage tags need to be removed; new numbered Zone luggage tags are available on the day before debarkation in a designated area listed on the Debarkation Flyer. Guests may pick up their luggage tags according to their desired debarkation time (subject to availability). Each tag needs to be filled out and attached to every piece of luggage. The tear-off section needs to be kept as reference. 
  • For cruise durations 6 days and more, liquor purchased from the Gift Shop or from ashore that was held for safekeeping will be  delivered to guest staterooms after 7:00pm, the evening prior to debarkation (some exceptions may apply). For cruise durations 5 days and less, liquor will be available for collection in a designated lounge on the morning of debarkation. Guests cruising back-to-back will collect all items at the end of the 2nd cruise.
  • Option 1 - Express debark: Luggage should be kept in the stateroom until the guests leave the following morning. It is not necessary to place the Zone luggage tags on the luggage.
  • Option 2 - Checked Luggage: Luggage needs to be placed outside the stateroom between 10:00pm and 12:00am (midnight) on the last evening. Guests will need to keep some clothes out for debarkation day and hand-carry any important personal items such as medication and valuables. The luggage will be collected and stored in a holding area.

Debarkation Day - Morning of Departure

Taking Care of Business

  • Sail & Sign Account: If guests registered their Sail and Sign account with a credit/debit card, their account will still be active on the morning of debarkation. Cash or direct credit card sales are also accepted. For credit card accounts, billing is submitted to the guest’s credit card company. For cash accounts, any refundable overages greater than $10 USD will be refunded via check mailed within 7 days after the cruise to the guest’s home address on file. Overages less than $10 USD will be donated to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital (excluding the Carnival Spirit Australia). If a guest wishes to have the full overage in cash, they may retrieve it from one of the Sail & Sign Kiosks or the Guest Services Team. The refund checks will be reconciled by our shore side Refund Accounting team and distributed via PNC Bank (JPM Chase Bank for Carnival Spirit Australia guests). Outstanding account issues must be settled with Guest Services the night prior to debarkation.
  • Guests may enjoy one last breakfast or relax with a cup of coffee.
    • The main dining room serves breakfast 6:30am-8:30am (open seating)
    • The lido restaurant serves breakfast 6:30am-9:15am
    • Cafe on the Way is open 6:30am-9:30am
  • Guests may claim and pick-up any confiscated items at a designated lounge, 6:30am-9:30am.
  • Liquor purchased from the Gift Shop or from ashore that was held for safekeeping will be available for collection in a designated lounge on the morning of debarkation for cruise durations 5 days and less. Guests cruising back-to-back will collect all items at the end of the 2nd cruise.
  • Before vacating their stateroom, guests need to double check and make sure they have removed all valuables from the stateroom safe as well as personal items from closets and drawers.
  • The Photo Gallery is open for last minute purchases until 9:00am.
  • Bar service is open at the main pool area and a designated bar on the Promenade Deck.

Waiting for Departure

  • Guests will need to select a location on the ship while they wait to be called for departure. Each ship will provide a list of designated areas (lounges and outdoor space) for guests to wait; in the interest of safety, guests should not wait in the stairwells or lobby area.
  • Guests will be called over the PA system by Zone numbers in numerical order, approximately every 15 minutes, contingent on the flow of guests and luggage off of the ship. Luggage will not be available in the terminal until the specific zone has been called.
  • Carry off guests will be called when clearance is given.
  • Guests with early flights who have pre-registered with Guest Services will be assigned and called as one of the early Zone numbers.
  • Guests with disabilities and special needs requiring wheelchair assistance should proceed to the lobby area when their Zone number is called. Wheelchair assistance is provided from the ship to the terminal area for those guests who are not traveling with an able bodied companion. Due to limited service, the approximate wait time may be 45 minutes.
  • Guests who have pre-purchased a shore excursion that includes return transfers to the airport will meet in a designated area and guided to the gangway as a group.
  • We generally clear the ship of all guests approximately three hours after the published arrival time in the home port.

Debarking the Ship

  • Prior to leaving the ship, guests will need to have in hand:
    • Sail & Sign card
    • Completed Customs Declaration form (one per household) only for households who have exceeded their allowance; instructions will be provided during the debarkation talk.
    • U.S Citizens will need Travel Documentation (passport, birth certificate and photo I.D, etc)
    • Non-U.S Citizens will need Travel Documentation (passport) and required forms and documentation required by U.S Customs Border and Protection (CBP).
  • In order to 'check out' of the ship's security system, each guest will need to present their Sail & Sign card as they leave the ship.
  • U.S Customs Border and Protection (CBP) Interview: After leaving the ship, U.S Citizens and Non-U.S Citizens will separate into two areas to show CBP officers their travel documentation. Note: Depending on the home port, the process for Non-U.S Citizens may be conducted on board immediately following the ship’s arrival at the terminal.
  • Baggage Claim: Guests will proceed to the baggage claim area of the cruise terminal. Please wait for your Zone number to be called otherwise you luggage will not be available in the terminal. Luggage will be grouped by Zone number for easy location. Guests should double check to ensure they have claimed their own luggage as well as all of their bags.
  • U.S Customs Border and Protection (CBP) Luggage Inspection:  After retrieving their luggage, guests will proceed to the CBP area - this is a formal but brief check of luggage and declared merchandise (for those households who have exceeded their allowance). 
  • Transportation Back Home:  
    • Guests who have purchased our optional transfers must proceed to the busses outside the cruise terminal with their luggage for transportation to the airport.
    • Taxis and all other transportation are located outside the terminal.
    • Guests who purchased shore excursions must ensure their luggage is on the same bus on which they are traveling.

Damaged, Lost Luggage, or Luggage Left on the Ship or Cruise Terminal - check here

Lost & Found (Missing Items) - check here


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