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Bringing Cremated Ashes on Board / Burial at Sea

Published 03/11/2015 10:00 PM   |    Updated 08/20/2021 01:37 PM

Bringing Cremated Remains On Board

A guest may bring cremated remains on board. Please note the following procedures and policies:

  • The guest must bring the deceased’s Death Certificate.
  • The remains have been cremated by a facility licensed to perform these services and the guest carries a certification of the compliant cremation.
  • The cremated remains are transported in a proper urn and remain in this urn during the entire travel.
    • The ashes are maintained in a leak proof, sealed container.
    • The container/urn must be able to pass through the X-ray machines as well as TSA X-ray machines
    • The container must be constructed of wood, plastic, cardboard or any non-lead based ceramic.
  • The guest is aware that the remains are his/her responsibility and he/she is the sole custodian of the urn/ashes; Carnival will not be responsible for the oversight or incidents. If the guest takes the urn out of the stateroom, he/she is responsible for its oversight and cannot leave the urn unattended.
  • The urn must remain on board, and the guest may not disembark the urn and try to enter it in a port-of-call because each country has legal requirements and controls over the transportation of cremated human remains, and they must be respected.
  • If the guest is traveling by air, he/she needs to inquire with the airline of their own restrictions and regulations.


Burial at Sea – Dispersing of Cremated Ashes

Dispersing cremated ashes at sea is permitted. Please note the following procedures and policies:

  • The guest must contact the Guest Services Desk once on board the ship.
  • The Guest Services Staff and the Environmental & Occupational Safety Officer (EOSO) will coordinate the burial at sea.
    • Depending on the ship’s itinerary, a time and location will be coordinated based on the guest’s suggestions and operation requirements.
    • The procedure must be performed beyond twelve nautical miles from land and any restricted areas noted on the nautical charts and notices to mariners.
  • Once the date and time are finalized, Guest Services will notify the family of the scheduled procedure.
  • The family will be taken to the area by EOSO and/or a Security Officer.
  • The family will be given privacy to disperse the ashes; the area will be secured in order to ensure privacy without disrupting other guest activities.
  • Ashes and flowers may be dispersed but not plastic materials such as plastic ribbons, plastic flowers, plastic urns, balloons or any other non-biodegradable decoration or adornments. 
  • If the family wishes to disperse of the ashes with the urn, we must have a certificate that the urn is biodegradable. 
  • Biodegradable salt urns can be used as long as non-toxic glues are used to seal the top.
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