Club O2 (Teens 15-17 Years)

Published 03/11/2015 09:59 PM   |    Updated 02/05/2019 04:49 PM

An exclusive program, co-branded between Carnival Cruise Line and Coca-Cola, has been developed and is called Club O2, for teens 15-17 years of age.

Join the Club
All Carnival "Fun Ships" have a dedicated Club O2, teen director and special teen activities. Each ship has a unique club design and program. The goal is to make sure there are lots of fun times, adventure and activities for teens on every Carnival Cruise.

3 Keys – Dedicated Space, Director and Programming

Dedicated Space
All ships have dedicated lounges for the 15-17 year olds.

Exclusivity – 15-17 year olds Only
Club O2 is designed specifically for 15-17 year olds, which means no kids and no adults. The lounge creates a safe and comfortable environment for our teen guests, with activities teens enjoy doing with their peers. There is no smoking or alcohol allowed in these lounges. It is all about fun and entertainment. Note: As legal adults, 18 year olds are not permitted to participate in or use the Club O2 facilities or any other Youth Program facilities. This rule applies to all 18 year olds regardless of situation.

Music World
Take to the dance floor, pick up new moves or show off yours. The music is high energy and the vibe is low altitude. Who knew grooving on the ocean could be so smooth? The area features incredible lighting and sound as well as a DJ booth where you can request hot tracks in the industry. Dance till the late hours of the night with all your friends.

Amazing Gaming
Think gaming heaven. Play yourself or take on the crowd tournament-style in cool gaming pods or sit back and watch the on-screen excitement on the big screens located around the lounge. Be part of an X-Box 360 gaming event, a Nintendo Wii tournament or just enjoy the experience.

Lounge Life
Because the lounge is built for teens, Club O2 teens can come in and hang out, chill, and just kick back in ultra-comfort. Joke, laugh or just reminisce about all the fun they have had. Club O2 daytime activities are designed to be a little more relaxed. While at nighttime, the energy is cranked up. Either way the teens like it, Club O2 has something for everyone.

Hours for Teen Programs
Sea Days: 12pm-6pm / 8:30pm-12:30am
Port Days: 3pm-6pm / 8:30pm-12:30am

Dedicated Directors

Club O2 Directors: On Board for You
Club O2 Directors are dedicated crew members hired and trained to spark the interest of the teens and get them involved. Each director brings their own unique style to Club O2. Their motivation and dedication to the program ensures the teen’s cruise experience is unlike any they have ever had before. They are hosts, entertainers and DJ’s for the teens.

Director of Fun
Club O2 Directors come from many parts of the world, bringing together teens from all over the world. You might be playing across from them in the latest video game one day, or setting them up for the perfect shot in a game of 3 on 3 basketball. They love to have fun and are happy to be at your service.

Dedicated Programming

Club O2: Organized Activities
Whatever your style, mood or moment, Carnival's Club O2 is your place. Full of things to do, people to meet, stories to create. Club O2 is all about options. Upon boarding, parents must register the teens to be part of Club O2. Check your Club O2 activities schedule on what's happening and when - because you can come and go as you please. Here is just a flavor of some activities: teen discos, Scavenger Hunts, pool functions, sporting events, video game tournaments, board games, karaoke, and many other crazy activities.

Dedicated Programming and Activities
Make sure that you pick up your Club O2 activity schedule at the beginning of the cruise and join in on all the fun. Activities run every day of the cruise. Being involved in Club O2 means that you get to do the activities that everyone else is doing onboard, you just get to do it with your newly made friends. It’s really your friends you want to hang with anyway.

Club O2 has always got the game smash into volleyball, shoot to score in a basketball free throw or just cheering on the sidelines. Many ships feature a basketball court, volleyball court, ping pong tables and a mini golf course.

Theme Parties
Theme nights such as glow in the dark night, punk rocker night or a wacky mixed matched outfit party help offer something a little different every night of the cruise. It is always nice to get dressed up a little bit on our elegant nights.

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