Camp Ocean Children’s Program

Published 03/11/2015 09:59 PM   |    Updated 03/21/2018 10:58 AM

Carnival is proud to unveil Camp Ocean – an exciting, new marine-themed children’s program coming to our fleet of 25 ‘Fun Ships’. The expansive program will immerse children ages 2-11 in the wonders of the sea through fun, engaging and educational experiences. 

Camp Ocean is currently on the following ships: All ships (with the exception of Carnival Sunshine)  

Camp Ocean, which will replace the existing Camp Carnival program, will welcome youngsters in with light blue and white underwater colored spaces and friendly, experienced staff.  Three age-related categories will each have their own identity: children ages 2-5 will be dubbed ‘Penguins’, with those ages 6-8 called ‘Sting Rays’ while 9-11 year olds will be ‘Sharks’.

Distinctive areas and activities have been custom-created for each of the new age designations – from miniature play igloos for the Penguins to interactive gaming stations for the Sharks. On Carnival Freedom and Carnival Vista, a new purpose-built Camp Ocean play area includes Party Reef, a common shared space that brings each of the groups together, as well as Creative Cove, a breakout room for arts and crafts activities.

The new Camp Ocean activities span across 11 key categories of play, including the core themes of active play, games, free play, arts and crafts and digital, coupled with additional categories such as role play, music, party time, science and discovery, social and food fun, all designed to find the ideal combination of activities catering to children’s varied interests. More than 200 new ocean-inspired activities will range from educational games to creative arts opportunities such as Design Your Own Aquarium, Sea Salt Art and Create a Penguin from Oreos.

Examples of Activities

Ages 2-5

Ages 6-8

Ages 9-11

Paper bag whale creation

Design your own aquarium

Design you own cruise ship

Musical icebergs

Fish, fish, Shark Catch

Giant ocean wall mural

Sea creature aerobics

Seashell Arts and Crafts

Shark Art

Ocean Bingo

Ocean Artifacts Memory Game

Inner tube relay

Ocean songs sing-along

Pirate Game Night

Ocean Origami

Penguin Palooza: Oreo Penguin Making



Camp Ocean branded merchandise is available for sale.



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