What to Pack for a Europe Cruise

Published 06/06/2016 04:47 PM   |    Updated 08/28/2018 03:40 PM

You just finished booking the European cruise of your dreams, but now find yourself wondering what to pack. Not to worry...our cruise and packing experts have put together the following list of  ‘must haves’ to pack, specifically with a Mediterranean cruise in mind. Whether you are visiting Europe in May, July, September or any other season, our list of essentials will have you covered. If your Mediterranean cruise is for more than eight days, you may want to pack additional clothing, depending how you feel about doing laundry during your cruise.

Speaking of clothing, keep in mind that some historic sights in Europe, particularly churches, have strict dress codes (legs and shoulders must be covered), so plan ahead by checking the guidelines of any institutions like this that you plan to visit and pack accordingly.

What to Pack for a Europe 
Cruise Checklist: The Essentials
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  • Passport
  • Translation books or apps and guide books
  • Brand-specific toiletries, as many name-brands can be difficult to find in Europe
  • Local currency and/or an Internationally accepted credit card - in advance of your trip, remember to alert your credit card bank that you will be traveling and which countries you will be visiting  
  • Supportive, comfortable shoes - keep in mind that you may encounter many cobblestone or otherwise old streets on your port visits
  • Camera and extra memory card(s)
  • Chargers (phone and camera) 
  • Rain coat or poncho and small umbrella 
  • Folding suitcase or backpack for souvenirs
  • Clothing you can wear in layers
  • Clothing that is appropriate for visiting religious sites - rules vary, but generally this could mean covering your legs and shoulders and sometimes head
  • A lightweight scarf (can also be used for covering shoulders or head when visiting religious sites)
  • A hat and sunglasses 


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