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Faster to the Fun FAQs

Published 02/05/2016 12:06 PM   |    Updated 06/26/2020 01:12 PM

Faster to the Fun is entirely optional for those who are interested in paying a little extra to receive these special benefits, which are also available on a complimentary basis to VIFP Platinum and Diamond members of our past guest recognition program. Our traditional, outstanding level of guest service in all facets of the Carnival vacation experience will continue as normal.

Q: Will my boarding pass indicate I have FTTF?
A:  Yes, your boarding pass will have the FTTF logo   on the top left corner. 

Q: If I purchased FTTF, can I later cancel it? 
A: Orders must be cancelled online and no cancellation charges will be assessed if done prior to the pre-sail cut-off time (11:30pm ET, the evening prior to the cruise departure). In the event of pre-sailing, online cancellations, a full refund will automatically be posted to the form of payment used to secure the order. Please note this unprecedented situation is delaying our processing times so calling/emailing us will not expedite the process. We appreciate your patience.

 If I don't purchase FTTF, how can I be sure that I can still get the dining time that I want?
A: Dining requests are handled on a first come, first serve basis and that will continue to be the case. Booking early provides the best opportunity to secure your preferred dining choices.

Q: As a past guest, does FTTF take away from the exclusivity of my VIFP Club Diamond and Platinum benefits?
A: VIFP Platinum and Diamond members receive all the benefits of FTTF for free. So, not only is the program complimentary for those individuals but we've also enhanced the VIFP Club benefits overall on these ships where we are offering FTTF. At the start of boarding, VIFP Platinum and Diamond members will board first prior to those guests who have purchased the FTTF program.

Q: Is there some sort of control on how many people can purchase FTTF, i.e., if huge numbers of people purchase priority access, then how will you be able to accommodate everyone?
A: Yes - the program will be capacity controlled and closely monitored to ensure excellent service for FTTF guests and VIFP Diamond and Platinum members, as well as all guests vacationing with us.

Q: Can I purchase the FTTF benefits on an a la carte basis or do I need to purchase the entire package?
A: Sorry but FTTF can only be purchased in its entirety and not on an a la carte basis.

Q: Why isn't there a price break if you only have two people in the stateroom instead of four, for example?
A: A flat cost per stateroom made the most sense given that all stateroom occupants are on one booking.

Q: We have two staterooms, but only our minor children, in the second stateroom. Do we still need to book FTTF for their stateroom also?
A: Yes, all cabins regardless of occupants will require a FTTF ticket to be able to receive the benefits.

Q: Can you purchase FTTF once on board or only via the shore excursion section of
A: FTTF can only be purchased online at before your cruise and subject to same policies in regards to cancelling the package. Because availability is limited, the sooner you purchase FTTF for your sailing, the more likely it will be available.

Q: Will Guest Services have an additional Platinum line since this may increase the amount of guests using this line onboard?
A: The VIFP Platinum/Diamond line will be co-branded with FTTF and will be available to Platinum, Diamond and FTTF guests.

Q: Will Main Dining room priority reservations act the same way as our Suite and Platinum guests. If their preferred choice is closed, the request will be entered into the system as a waitlist and confirmed overnight if the package was purchased. On the reverse side, if their preferred choice is waitlisted and the package is purchased afterwards, will the system confirm the seating time overnight?
A: Correct, this will be handled in same manner.

Q: How does priority dining for Platinum and Diamond guests vs. FTTF guests work?
A: VIFP Diamond and Platinum members will still receive priority over the FTTF guests for dining requests. This is true both in advance of the sailing as well as once onboard. In the case of onboard requests, the Maitre'd will first clear all Diamond members, next Platinum members and then FTTF guests.

Q: Will there be a separate security screening line for those who purchase a FTTF package?
A: At the cruise terminal, FTTF guests will join the Priority Line as they enter the security screening check point.

Q: Do FTTF guests receive invitation to the VIFP party?
A: No, the VIFP party is exclusive to VIFP Platinum and Diamond members only.

Q: Do FTTF guests receive laundry perks?
A: This is exclusive to VIFP Platinum and Diamond members.

Q: Will my boarding pass indicate I have FTTF?
A:  Yes, your boarding pass will have the FTTF logo   on the top left corner. 


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