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How do I update my personal info?

Published 12/08/2015 11:28 AM   |    Updated 06/26/2020 01:07 PM

To update your personal info, please follow these instrustions:

  • Go to
  • Click on 'Login', located at the top right of the screen
  • Log in with your email address and password
  • Click on 'your name' located at the top right of the page then click on 'My Profile' where you can update 'Account Info', 'Contact Settings', or 'Travel Companions'
  • Make necessary changes then click on 'Update', found near bottom right

Under 'Account Info' tab you can update all of your personal information. Under 'Contact Settings' tab you can update how you would like to receive news and offers and to also subscribe/unsubribe to getting these. Under 'Travel Companions' tab you are able to update and edit all of your traveling companions.

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