Carnival's Fly2Fun Air Program

Published 09/16/2015 03:34 PM   |    Updated 11/20/2019 01:17 PM


What are the benefits of booking Carnivals new Fly2Fun Air Program?
There are several benefits to booking Carnival's Fly2Fun Program. Our new air program allows you to select air options from major carries and flights departing from U.S., Canada, Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America and Europe. Carnival also provides Flight Protection in the event of flight disruptions, providing   reassurance that Carnival will make arrangements for guests to meet the ship at the next port of call. 

Where do I go to book air in
Login into Manage My Account and select Fly2Fun from 'Shop by Category'. 

Do I need to pay my air booking immediately?
  • Guest who chose Flexible Fares can pay for their air at the time of cruise final payment and will not incur fees if changes (*) are made prior to 60 days of cruise departure. Within 60 days of cruise departure, a $200 change fee will be applied plus any additional air costs.  
  • For Restricted Fares, airline payment is required once the air reservation is made and tickets are non-refundable.
* Note: Flexible or Restricted Fares do not allow name changes, please make sure guests names are spelled correctly before booking air.
What is the latest flight arrival time and earliest flight departure time?
Flight times vary based on sailing itinerary. Fly2Fun takes sailing information into consideration during the booking process.
Do I need to purchase a seat for my infant?
Fly2Fun guests who are traveling with an infant under 2 years of age must purchase a ticket if he/she will be occupying a seat. An infant traveling on the guest's lap may be subject to taxes and fees imposed by the government and airline.
Do all guests have to book the same fare type?
No. Fare types are at a guest level. One guest can purchase Flexible Fares while the other can purchase Restricted Fares.
Does Carnival provide transportation from the airport to the port?
Yes, Carnival offers transportation service between the airport and the port on embarkation and debarkation days. Airport transportation can be purchased on our website or by calling your travel agent or 1-800-CARNIVAL.
Can I get one-way air transportation?
One-way air transportation is only provided for guests who live in the city where the ship departs or arrives such as our Journey sailings or one-way sailings.
When is the latest that I can purchase air?
Fly2Fun can be purchased until 4 days prior to sailing.
Can I fly in days before and or leave days after my cruise date?
Absolutely!  You get to choose the date before and after your cruise.
Can I select my own preferred airline?
Absolutely! You can select your preferred airline, travel dates, time and fare.
Can I book air for a back-to-back cruise?
Yes. We will gladly assist our guests with scheduling air on a back-to-back cruise. 
Can I reserve my seats or make special requests?
Seat assignments can be made for most airlines. For Jet Blue, Southwest, Airtran and Frontier, you will need to do this on their airline website or by calling them directly. Additional items that can be requested include Special Service Requests, Meals and Frequent Flyer options. Please note that although Carnival Cruise Line can pass requests for seat assignments, special meals and special assistance to the airlines, we cannot guarantee that all requests will be honored. For the best travel experience, we recommend that travel agents/guests contact the airline directly to confirm these requests.  
What if I want to purchase business or first class?
At this moment, only economy class is available to purchase via      
Can guests decline the air protection coverage offered when purchasing Fly2Fun?
Air protection is automatically included with our air program. It cannot be declined. This is a great bonus that we offer our guests.
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Can I change from Restricted to Flexible and vice versa?
Our Flexible Fares allow you to make changes prior to 60 days of cruise departure without penalty.  Changes made 60 days or less from the cruise departure, changes from Flexible to Restricted will be subject to a $200 change fee plus additional airfare cost. Restricted Fares are non-refundable.  Therefore, switching from Restricted Fares to Flexible Fares would be subject to a full penalty.
Who should I contact if I need to change my flights?
You may call your travel agent or 1-800-321-6666 to change your flights.  However, change fees and additional air cost may apply.
Can I change my Fly2Fun flights after they have been booked?
Our Flexible Fares allow you to make changes prior to 60 days from cruise departure without penalty.  Changes made 60 days or less from cruise departure will be subject to a $200 change fee as well as any additional air cost. Restricted Fares are non-refundable.  Therefore, switching flights on Restricted Fares can only be done within the same day of reservation, without penalty.  If an unforeseen situation comes up after the initial day, airline change fees and additional air cost will apply.
If I have purchased Carnival Vacation Protection and have to cancel, will our air be covered?
For specifics on protection, please call 1-800-331-2796.
What if my flights are cancelled or delayed?
Our Fly2Fun Air Program provides Flight Protection in the event of airline flight cancellations or delays resulting from mechanicals or severe weather conditions.  Guests affected by these situations should contact our Travel Hotline at 1-877-885-4856 and our travel professional will ensure they meet their ship.  Air, hotel and ground transportation costs for guest to meet the ships will be at Carnival's expense.  
If I purchase Fly2Fun and missed my flights, would Carnival refund my air or re-accommodate us?
We will not refund air for guests who miss their flights.  Guests who are unable to meet the ship due to airline flight cancellations or delays resulting from mechanicals or severe weather conditions will be protected on other flights to meet the ship at no cost to the guests.   
Where can I see my flight schedule?
An air confirmation will be automatically sent to the e-mail address appearing in the cruise reservation system, which may be your travel agent's e-mail.  The flight schedule can also be retrieved via, Manage My Cruise.
How would I be notified of an airline itinerary change (i.e. time change, flight number, airport, etc.)?
We will automatically resend an air confirmation reflecting airline schedule changes to the email address on the booking.
Can I cancel my air without a penalty if I change my mind the same day of air confirmation?
Usually the airlines are willing to work with us if the cancellation happens the same day. Please contact your travel agent or 1-800-CARNIVAL to see if a penalty applies.
Will the air confirmation sent at the time of the booking indicate the air program selected (i.e Restricted or Flexible)?
Yes.  The confirmation will indicate Flexible fare or Restricted fare.  The confirmation for Flexible Fares and Restricted Fares will be sent when the air is booked or modified.  
If I have Vacation Protection Plan and I use the "cancel for any reason" is the air covered under the 75% Future Cruise Cancel?
Yes.  Future Cruise Credit (FCC) for 75% of the value of the air cancellation fee applies to both Flexible Fares and Restricted Fares.
Will Flexible Fares and Restricted Fares include price protection?
We will not be offering air price protection. Only cruise price protection is offered.
If we have paid for Restricted Fares and then decide later to add a pre or post package, would we incur a penalty or just pay prevailing rates?
An administration fee will not be applied.  Only the charge for the airline change fees and the incremental air cost will apply.  
Will my flights automatically be loaded into the travel information section in Online Check-in?
Yes.  Your flights will be populated in Online Check-in.  You will not have to reenter them in the travel information section.
What is considered a name change? What is considered a name correction?
A name change is considered a new guest replacing an existing guest.  The original guest will be cancelled and the new guest will be added.  The new guest would need to shop for air at the prevailing rates.  
A name correction is considered to be the same guest with the incorrect spelling or wrong name, where the date of birth does not change.  Guests may incur fees from the airlines for the correction.
What if I want to upgrade to a different cabin class (first or business) once my ticket has been issued?
You can upgrade your ticket by contacting your airline directly and paying for the additional cost.
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