Camp Ocean Under-2 Children: Things to Know

Published 03/11/2015 09:59 PM   |    Updated 05/07/2019 12:45 PM

Camp Ocean is our fleet wide Children's Program. At Camp Ocean, 2-11 year olds stay busy, keep active and have fun as they enjoy ocean-themed activities and entertainment made for kids. We put campers into age-based groups with counselors, each with education or childcare experience.

CAMP OCEAN cannot accept children under the age of 2 unless they are turning 2 years old on the cruise. There are no age exceptions to this policy. There are specific times on board each ship that under 2 year olds are welcome into the facility. Each ship operates differently based on the itinerary.

Sign In/Out Policy 

  • All children in this age group have a strict sign-in/sign-out policy. 
  • Children can only be signed in and out by the same Parent/Legal Guardian or authorized persons over the age of 18.
  • Parents/legal guardian can authorize two other people (over the age of 18) on the Registration form to sign in/out their children from activities.
  • The adult is required to present their Sail & Sign card each time they drop off and pick up their child.
  • For the safety of the child, there are no exceptions to this rule.

Cell Phones
Cell phones are available to parents, complimentary, on a case by case basis. Parents will be called if the child is misbehaving, ill, seriously unhappy, asking continuously for their parents and in case of an emergency. The phone is used throughout the voyage, for ship-use only; the range does not extend beyond the ship. There will be a charge to the guest’s Sail & Sign card if the phone is lost, damaged or broken.

Safety Information
All children aged 11 and under must wear a muster station wristband throughout the cruise. Wristbands are available from the Youth Staff or the Guest Services Desk. In the event of an emergency, any children participating in Camp Ocean activities will be taken to a designated area. There, they will be divided into the appropriate groups according to their muster station and taken to their station by the Youth Staff. During an emergency situation, parents should collect their child’s lifejacket from the cabin when they pick up their own and meet their child, accompanied by the Youth Staff, at their muster station. A Safety briefing will be held onboard when all regulations will be explained. 

Children do not have to be potty-trained in order to be part of Camp Ocean or take part of the babysitting services. Parents must provide the Youth Staff with diapers and toiletries to be used for their child. 

Pools / Spray Parks / WaterWorks / Slides / Whirlpools
Children who are not toilet trained (and those in diapers or swim diapers) are not allowed in any of the water facilities onboard, as per United States Public Health Services. Toilet trained children should be taken on frequent bathroom breaks. Water facilities include pools, spray parks, WaterWorks, slides and whirlpools.

The Camp Ocean Staff may not administer any medication and/or needles to any child participating in the Youth Activity Program. Additionally, no medications with the exception of epi-pens, diabetic testing equipment and inhalers are permitted in the playroom; these items will be kept in a designated area in the playroom. If the child does require regular medication while attending Camp Ocean, the parents must return to administer the medication.

Children under-2 may not participate in the scheduled activities we offer to the other age groups. There are no age exceptions to this policy.

Camp Ocean is unable to accept children under the age of 2 during activity time. Children under the age of 2 are welcome to join Camp during specific times listed here.

  •  Sea Days: There are limited times throughout the cruise for ‘Under 2' time. During these times, parents have the option of leaving their child in the care of the Youth Staff (fees apply: $6.75 USD per hour plus a 18% gratuity, per child) – or - they can stay and use the camp facility at no charge. This time is designated for the use of 'Under 2’s' and their parents only. Check onboard for specific times offered. Hours may vary due to cruise itineraries.
  • Port Days: While in in port, parents have the option of leaving their child in the care of the Youth Staff (fees apply: $6.75 USD per hour plus a 18% gratuity, per child), however, we do not provide meal times for children Under 2.
  • Evenings: Night Owls - for details and fees, see Night Owls (babysitting). From 10:00pm-1:00am each evening in the camp facility, a ‘slumber party’ type atmosphere, including movie time, toys and room service snacks. During this time, there will be children from other age groups (2-11 years) participating in Night Owls. Cribs are available if needed.
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